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What to Wear (or not!)

White Sheet

What NOT To Wear

This is only a suggestion for what does not typically photograph the best. These are YOUR pictures though, so clearly you can choose whatever is best for your family!
  • Ball Caps
  • Sunglasses- Do not wear on your eyes OR on your head
  • Scrunchies/Hair ties
  • Phones- (or large wallets/keys) in ANY pockets
  • Shirts with words or large logos
  • All black- You will blend in with the surrounding and have no definition
  • All white- Save this for the beach or the studio! It all blurs together or gives you individually no definition
  • Clothes too tight OR too big- you need to be able to move around in positions; Too big will only make you look larger as it gives no definition of shape
  • Clothing with metallic material- reflective material does not complement many...
  • Excessively bold colors- This will overwhelm your photos and detract from your actual family, expressions and background
  • ALL matching materials/prints- Save this matchy matchy plan for your pj's! Some matching such as two children may work or dad and son shirts but only in minimal quanitity
  • Too Busy Prints- If multiple people have on prints, it will start to detract and clash with one another
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what to wear.jpg
White Sheet
This is a starting point for you to help guide your selection for your family photos. Remember to take in to account the temperature, and landscape you are going to have for your photos as well.

What TO Wear

Step 1:  Pick a color palatte! You can go straight across or up and down! You do not have to include all colors or limit yourself to only "Autumn" shades
Step 2:  Mix and match your family in these colors and ADD IN a print somewhere! The print could be animal print, plaid, stripes, floral, etc
Step 3: THINK LAYERS! Light weight jackets, light weight scarves, etc
Step 4: ADD TEXTURES! Fleece, wool textures, silk, etc.
Step 5: Add accessories! Necklaces, watches, earrings, scarves
Step 6: Lay out all pieces together for everyone and take a picture with your phone to see if works!
  • IF you add a brim hat as a trendy fall accessory, please make sure it fits properly and will cover eyes in photos or give odd shadows
  • Remember that dresses and clothing should have SOME structure or belt or natural waist or lines to it to give you definition (does not have to be fitted just stucture!)
  • Shoes should be safe and comfortable enough to walk on the terrain where your photos are; bring an additional pair if more walking is required
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